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Timothy E. Hartle Funeral Home

Compassionate Services Policy

Since the founding of my firm in November of 2003, I have placed into policy the aforementioned; when assisting all families in the following circumstances of life:


1. To any human being up to and including age 18;

2. To any public servant (ie: police officer, firefighter, lineman; et al.) whose life was taken from them while serving in their line of duty to the general public.

3. To any member of the United States Armed Forces, whose life was taken from them while serving in action on behalf of our nation during a United States government sanctioned conflict;

4. To any member of the clergy, of any faith, legally ordained; who acts or has acted as a servant of God.


Let it be known . . . that the policy of this funeral home will be to provide a statement to your family only for the cost(s) of funeral merchandise selected (ie: casket, urn, outer burial container / vault, et al.) in addition to any and all cash advancements authorized by the immediate family.

All professional services, use of our casket coach and general purpose vehicle, in addition to the use of our facilities necessary for our services to your family, will be provided according to your families needs . . .



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